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Bürkle develops, manufactures and distributes samplers, sampling systems and accessories for samplers, filling machines, drum pumps and container pumps for aggressive and dangerous liquids such as acids, alkalis and solvents, as well as a variety of lab equipment and apparatus.

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Bürkle GmbH
Rheinauenstr. 5
79415 Bad Bellingen

Phone:  +49 7635 827950

Contact person:

Waldemar Stepanov
Area Sales Manager Export
Phone: +49 7635 8279534

Products & Services

Quality control in pharmacology and industry
Material testing
Laboratory equipment and machines
Laboratory apparatus
Industrial quality control

Barrel pumps, hand pumps, filling devices, taps and dosing pumps particularly for filling off and decanting aggressive and flammable liquids such as acids, alkalis or solvents.

Various samplers for flawless sampling with comprehensive accessories. Europe's most extensive programme of professional sampling systems for all applications.

Bottles, boxes, canisters, containers, wide-necked jerrycans, compact containers, storage containers, transport containers and packing for all requirements and applications in the laboratory, in industry and in science.

Industrial & laboratory equipment:
Lab equipment, laboratory apparatus, lab articles made of plastic, trays, bowls, fittings, volume measuring equipment, funnels, hose connectors, safety wear etc., everything indispensable when working in the laboratory.

Barrel pumps, container pumps and hand pumps

Safety is the number one priority!
Hazardous liquids must never be filled off by pouring them out directly. Even the use of a funnel does not provide the required degree of safety when filling off hazardous liquids.
Bürkle offers the largest European range of manual hand pumps and equipment for the transfer of liquids from containers, barrels, tanks, etc.
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OTAL pumps for containers up to 220l, suitable for liquids with various chemical properties.

Pump-it® is ideal for regular dispensing of small quantities of liquids from canisters and similar.

Solvent pump for aggressive and flammable liquids such as solvents.

Mini solvent pump for containers up to 10 litres, made of high quality materials (PTFE, SS).

Multi-use samplers

Wide range of high quality samplers and accessories for sampling in the most demanding applications. For powders, granular materials, liquids and viscous media.
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Core sampler for bulk materials which can easily become stuck or settle during sampling.

Zone samplers are used for taking samples of various bulk goods from all layers of the container.

Comprehensive accessories for samplers, for correct sampling, transport & secure storage of samples.

Liquid sampler for sampling from containers, barrels, tanks, silos, water courses.

Liquid CupSampler samples liquids of varying viscosity – point or multi point samples.

Novartos sampler for pharmaceutical use takes multiple individual dose samples (unit dose samples).

Disposable & sterile samplers

Disposable samplers, sterile and clean room manufactured, sampling containers and sampling devices for uncontaminated sampling.
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The sampling scoop with long handle can be used to take samples of powders, granulates and pastes.

The scoop with transparent cover is produced in our clean room of class 7 (10,000) and sterilised.

Sampling palette knife spatula to apply, distribute or spread viscous media, pastes and creams.

Disposable forceps for precise lab work, ideal for grasping, lifting and moving small objects.

LiquiDispo disposable sampler takes samples of liquids from highly liquid to slightly viscous media.

Disposable DispoLance takes large & small sample quantities quickly and easily, directly from bags.

DispoDipper is produced in one piece, it samples and subsequently transports samples in one device.

DispoLadle is a sampling scoop specially designed for disposable use.

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